Monday, January 28, 2013

"Potholes" Sundae

Inspired by the best sundae I have ever had....

Now, I usually don't get so excited for ice cream sundaes. They are usually too big and end up being ice cream soup. But this sundae changed it for me. It was just the right size and the right blend of all of the best sundae yumminess.

One night while we were on vacation in Lake Tahoe, all of the "kids" went to an old school soda fountain for ice cream sundaes. I saw that this one had brownies and I was sold. The guy let us change it to chocolate chip cookie dough...even better! Ryan and I split it, and for a man that does not particularly like chocolate, he ate his fair share.

So here it goes.....chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, brownies, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, and toasted pecans (and a cherry on top). If your mouth isn't watering, you are crazy. So go raid your fridge and freezer and make a sundae. You will be happy.

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