Thursday, September 6, 2012

Salmon with Sweet Corn Salsa

Of the many things I have discovered about living in my apartment, one of my favorite’s, is my proximity to Whole Foods…(it may be my bank account’s least favorite). I can literally run there, grab the cinnamon I was missing for zucchini bread or brioche buns for sloppy joes, check out, and run back in less than thirty minutes. I save the environment some emissions and my butt gets a much needed break from the couch and Bravo marathons...that I have to record while I am gone because I am already too sucked in.

Lucky for my bank account, Whole Foods has some amazing Friday sales. This week...Wild Fresh Alaskan Coho Salmon. YUM! I got my inspiration from a recipe they posted on their website. It was the perfect combinations of flavors for this melt in your mouth fish.

Grill corn.

Cool corn.