Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Enjoying the sunset, a warm cookie, and a cold glass of milk...

A few years ago, I came home really upset (from what I no longer remember), not knowing what to do, I decided to bake. I told my brother to find me the best chocolate chip recipe online and I would make them. He searched, printed one out and handed it to me. When I read over the recipe, I was a little confused. 1.) It called for bread flour, something I was glad to find in my parents’ pantry, 2.) There was more brown sugar than white sugar, and 3.) The butter was melted. Any time I had accidentally melted the butter instead of softening it, I got flat cookies. I meticulously followed the directions, because I believe that baking is a science. Low and behold, fluffy masterpieces arose from the oven. Now, I prefer a chewy, chocolate chip filled cookie, if you prefer a thin, crispy one, this cookie isn’t for you. Maybe try this one instead. But if you want a big, chewy, fluffy cookie, look no further because this one is the best.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Homemade Chicken Stock

Now I think Yotam Ottalenghi said it best in his book Plenty, “the crucial component in this dish [Lemon and Eggplant Risotto] is the stock, which will make or break it.” I didn’t listen, and he was right. Now, yes, when you only need a ¼ cup of stock, the store bought stuff is just fine. But if you have the time, and you are making a dish entirely based around the stock, like a soup or risotto, I agree with Mr. Ottalenghi, make your own. This way you can not only control the prominent flavors, but also the amount of salt. Making stock can be pretty intimidating, but all you need is a big pot (my 6 quart just barely cut it) and a strainer (I got this one just for the occasion).