Monday, May 14, 2012

San Francisco

For Mother’s Day, my parents came up to visit my brother and me. On Saturday, we took a day trip to San Francisco.

When my brother was in the high school band they went on tour in San Francisco. For dinner one night, a group of us asked the front desk for a good Chinese restaurant. They gave us a map and we were on our way. I am pretty sure they said short walk, but I think we walked for like 3 miles. Along the way we had a free sample of fudge and took a wrong turn into the red light district. Arriving at the restaurant was like getting to Mecca.

I don’t know if we looked lost and confused, but the owner came right over to us, asked us what we like, how much we wanted to spend and took all of the menus away.  After that they just brought out plate after plate of food.

After all of these years, my brother and I have always talked about it and always wanted to go back. Since we didn’t know what we had last time, we just ordered a few “favorites.” 

We went over to Golden Gate Park to go to the Japanese Garden. I think we walked in crisscrossing circles for half an hour seeing if we missed anything. It was beautiful, but pretty small (I think the Huntington is a better deal). We decided to stop at the tearoom for a break. I tried kirimochi, which are little mochi like cakes. 

For dinner we found a tiny seafood restaurant, called Pacific Cafe, in a mainly residential area. While you are waiting for your table, the host walks around handing out glasses of wine and pouring more into your practically full glass. It definitely made the hour wait more enjoyable. 

Dinner of course started with Boudin sourdough. San Francisco really has the best sourdough. Followed by salmon bisque. And then the main course. I got the grilled scallops. SO delicious! 
For dessert we shared a slice of cheesecake. I am not really a huge fan of cheesecake. But this one….OMG...the menu said “light as a feather” and it really was. Best cheesecake I have ever had. They get them from Zanze’s Cheesecake. I want some right now.

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